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Orah Lane Marketplace is a consumer products company that develops successful new products. We manage a line of skin care, beauty and cosmetics, home goods and pet wellness products to make them more visible in the marketplace, to maximize profits for those products, and to raise the value and marketability of those products. 
Some of the Products & Brands We Have In Development
Orah Lane Health & Wellness.
 Orah Lane Beauty & Cosmetics.
 Orah Lane Pet Wellness.
Orah Lane Home Goods.
About Us.
Orah Lane Marketplace
Cindy Haro, Co-Founder
Robin Haro, Co-Founder
Cindy and Robin Haro are sisters and co-founders of Orah Lane Marketplace. Their background as co-founders of several successful businesses provides a unique perspective in product development. They live in Texas with their families. When not conceptualizing new consumer brands, they can usually be found riding motorcycles and spending time with family.
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